Chicago, one of the great cities in America, has an abundance of talented people from all walks of life. Chance the Rapper, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Vince Vaughn are just a few names of creative people that came from the Chicago area. After returning from LA in 2019, I find myself coming across many more creatives in the Chicago area looking for:

  • Social media management (schedule, create, edit, and post content)
  • Collaborations (Work with other creatives in the city in their niche)
  • Social Mentorship (Teach the ins and outs of growing on your own)
  • Hydroponics (DWC, RDWC, etc. Home grow setups for any plants)

Here I hope to help you find the inspiration to grow your passion and finally take action! So when will you start to control the chaos around you?


The following are reviews from current clients of Oz Romero.

“Growing my own cannabis has always been a dream of mine but never knew where or how to start. It was only after hiring Chicago Hydro that I was able to get step by step setup instructions and supervision from a professional cannabis growing expert making my dreams come true on a limited budget! I am very happy and satisfied with the service so far and would definitely recommend to others.”

-Butcher G. 2020

With a background in Social Media Consulting, Software Development, and the human mind I am confident in my abilities to help you reach your goal.

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