DWC (Deep Water Culture)

What is DWC hydroponics?

DWC stands for Deep Water Culture and that is one of many methods used to grow weed. The main thing that makes deep water culture different than the traditional method of growing weed is that there is no soil used in a DWC setup. If you are like me and want to be in control of all aspects of your indoor grow, I recommend a DWC style setup because you will have to manually add nutrients every week during the reservoir change.

In a DWC setup, the roots of the plant are submerged in water and they receive oxygen through the air stones in the water. The roots uptake the nutrients in the water which causes the PPM in the reservoir to drop throughout the week, meaning the plants are up-taking their nutrients.

Equipment Needed for a DWC setup?

Some important pieces of gear for a DWC system are:

  1. Air pump
  2. Air Stones
  3. Hydroton (Clay Pebbles)
  4. Bucket / storage tote
  5. LED Light (most expensive piece of equipment)
  6. Water Chiller (optional)

To make the most basic DWC system, we will need to make sure to cover the basics. An (1)air pump and (2)air stone are the way your plants will have access to oxygen. (3) Hydroton will prevent the seed/clone from falling into the water in your (4) container. The (5) LED light will provide your plant the energy it needs for photosynthesis.

Nutrients Needed for a DWC setup?

DWC systems do not use soil so where do the nutrients come from?

There are many brands but I have been using general hydro and have had great success. Do your research before selecting nutrients since they have all the base elements your plants will need to grow ( Macro nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium | Micro nutrients: Magnesium, Calcium, and Sulfur).

Will a DWC system work at Home?

Yes, A DWC system would work great in a home setup in a spare room or a closet. Although there is more equipment needed when compared to soil and more initial setup time, the amount of control you have over your setup is maximized when done correctly.

Is DWC ideal in Chicago?

Chicago has cold weather during the winter which helps keep the water temps down, however during the summer time the heat is definitely going to be an issue. LED lights are better than HPS lights in energy consumption and lower heat output during the summer times.