I was born and raised in Chicago but moved to LA after graduating from Pritzker College Prep. I studied Cognitive Science and Philosophy at Occidental College while working on the side to help with tuition. After college, I entered my sales experience where I stumbled upon an acting opportunity that lead to many doors opening up during my time in LA. I joined a start-up social media marketing team and managed multiple big agencies social media accounts as well as educating in-house talent on the benefits of social media marketing and branding.

First Shoot In Chicago
First Shoot In Chicago

Back In Chicago

After returning to Chicago I began to learn how to code through Coding Dojo and am still on that journey today. I did however pick up a new hobby during my time in quarantine and discovered the many benefits to growing your own medical cannabis in IL, while following the proper laws of course. Chicago Hydro is an educational project I have started to share my knowledge with those who wish to grow their own cannabis. I do offer a free consultations for those who are interested in or have questions about their first grow.

RDWC Setup 4 bucket system