Week Ten: Defoliation Before Flower

Week Ten:

RDWC Grow Log Update


Now that we are in week ten of the veg cycle, my goal is to maintain the canopy as even as possible. Making sure that new growth is managed in the lower nodes is crucial when producing plants with as few popcorn nugs as possible. Because new growth will lead to more popcorn nugs, I will be defoliating the bottom 1/3 of the plant and low stress train branches in need of more LED light. Repeating week 3 of nutrients is needed to keep the plants in their vegetative state living in an RDWC system. Next week we will begin the transition phase of the current tent.

Weed nutrient schedule
We are repeating week 3 until we are ready for Flower cycle

Dinafem’s Sweet Deep Grapefruit has fully healed from its center tear and is producing some amazing nodes. The top and sides of this plant are filled with plenty of nodes that will give off top quality buds. Most of the inner nodes will be defoliated to allow better light penetration and wind circulation in the grow tent. With the upgraded Mars Hydro TSW 2000, the plants should have plenty of energy to produce top shelf bud. The SDG was LST enough to keep her height in check. However, we will have to keep an eye out and maker sure the top buds do not get too close to the LED lights.

The Passion Fruit strain, by Dutch Passion seed compony, has filled in nicely and is ready to flower. All the nodes are exposed and are being given enough light to produce top quality buds. The LST and defoliation done earlier to her has shown its merit, now that we are so close to the flowering cycle. Without training, these plants would have been 4ft tall and would have grown another foot during their flowering stretch. Fortunately we have learned from our first growing mistakes.

Always keep a notebook to track your plant life, nutrients, deficiencies, notes, and make sure you have an error section to remind you to not make those same mistakes again.


The DOS SI DOS 33 by Barneys Farm has maintained its tenacity and grown more inner nodes than I know what to do with. Cloning is always an option when defoliating, which is just what I will be doing with the DSD33 branches I take off her during defoliation. Because she has so many, I will be choosing the best looking ones and tossing the rest. No need for more clones than required. With clones on stand by, you can always have a good rotation going on your flowering genetics.

The Headband Kush clone has already started picking up some size, but will not be close to the other girls in here. Since it is a hybrid strain, the Headband will not be gaining crazy size, unlike the NASA Bruce that was in here before. With just one week remaining, I will be moving the Headband to a separate bucket where it will be in a DWC system separate from these girls in the tent. This will allow the Headband to take up as much nutrients as she need and not worry about sharing them with the other older girls in the grow tent.

Week Ten Info

Strains: Dos Si Dos 33Passion FruitSweet Deep Grapefruit, Headband Kush

Nutrients used: General Hydro TrioCal-Mag Plus, and SLF-100 (week 3)

Light used: MARS HYDRO TSW 2000 LED Grow Light and VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED 

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