Week Eight: When to Flip Plants to Flower?

Chicago Hydro is on its eighth week of progress in the veg cycle. We began this grow with three seeds and a NASA Bruce clone early in October. The NASA Bruce strain, however, overtook the grow tent with its rapid growth. Now we have replaced the NASA Bruce with a Headband Kush clone and will allow two weeks for the clone to adjust and further develop its root structure before we flip this whole tent into the Flower cycle. But when exactly is it the best time to flip your grow into the Flower cycle? Well, it all depends on who you ask.

Most beginners follow a grow schedule and stick to it religiously in order to understand the process of growing on their own. After a few grows, you will begin to understand the signs your plant shows you when it is trying to communicate they are not receiving enough nutrients, too many nutrients, are upset with their environment, etc. Doing research ahead of time can prevent easily avoidable errors early on in your growing journey. Errors made in the Veg cycle follow you into Flower and are noticeable during harvest. Making sure to have a solid root structure early on is the best thing you can do to your plants to speed up the veg cycle and get to Flower ASAP.

Chicago Hydro believes in the use it or lose it philosophy when it comes to space in your grow tent. If allowed to grow without training, the plants will grow as nature intended, tall and narrow allowing only the top buds to grow big and dense. We are an indoor micro grow though, so every inch counts when only five plants are allowed per grow (make sure to do your own research on cannabis laws in your home state.) Training techniques are crucial early on in the veg stage if you want to have an even canopy with very few popcorn nugs.

After I train my plants enough to take up most of the area in the tent, I will flip them into their Flower cycle and change their nutrients to Bloom. I have also just added a clone into the RDWC system, so I will make sure to give it some time to develop its root system before the Flower cycle flip. It is usually recommended that clones settle in for about a month before the flip, but I have faith in my clones!

Now that I have upgraded my grow light to mars hydro ts 2000, I am eager to see how the flowers develop on these girls. The Veg cycle also seems to have been quicker since the switch to the brighter LED in the Chicago Hydro tent. I will be going over all the LED lights I have worked with in the past and go over the pros and cons this weekend on the Chicago Hydro Youtube page. If you have questions on my grow, your grow, or want to get started make sure to reach out on here or on any of my social media links listed on the sidebar!

Week Eight Info

Strains: Dos Si Dos 33, Passion Fruit, Sweet Deep Grapefruit

Nutrients used: General Hydro Trio, Cal-Mag Plus, and SLF-100

Light used: MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light and VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED 

November 1, 2020

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