Better Late Than Never

First time growing cannabis

The day I decided to start my adventure into the cannabis cultivation world. Chicago hydro was born.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you ask yourself… do I want to keep paying taxes on this weed based on its THC? Is my dealer selling me the same thing and calling it different names? Am I supporting the cartel when I do not buy from a dispensary? Those times are now behind us Chicago! Illinois residents 21 years of age or older who are registered qualifying patients under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act will be allowed to grow five plants for personal use. Now is the time to test out your green thumb and save thousands after just one year of growing your own medical marijuana! #growyourown

I started Chicago Hydro in order to share my growing journey in its entirety. Not only to share how well my plants are doing, but also to show how many things can go wrong if you do not prepare adequately before you start your first home grow. First-ever grow I started with three seeds and only one made it to harvest. I knew going in I would make plenty of mistakes so I made sure to write them down, come up with a solution, and make sure my next grow didn’t suffer from the same errors.

First home grow after one month of curing in mason jars

It might seem daunting at first starting a new hobby, especially one that was deemed to be a criminal act in Chicago in the past, but 2020 has opened a new door for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and local business owners to claim their piece of the pot. Chicago has come to understand that there is big money behind the cannabis industry and so the politicians have been more open to emerging markets, although not without its fair share of regulations. As long as you can jump through all the hoops and pay the outrages fees for a cultivation license you are good to go for growing on the macro scale. Most of us medical patients, however, will more than likely stick with a traditional medical license, which allows the individual to grow up to 5 plants for personals use.  If you find yourself being in the latter group and would like assistance setting up your indoor DWC or RDWC system feel free to contact me here or on my social media pages listed in the footer of this page. (Bottom of the page)

DO NOT BE FOOLED: this is a hobby that takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and commitment from the individual grower. Make sure you are determined to follow through since there is a steep initial investment needed to get started from ground zero in an RDWC or DWC setup. Although work does go into this hobby, the rewards you receive months later are more than worth the effort. Not to mention how much money you will be saving if you manage to get a good rotation going throughout the year. (1 mother, 2 veg plants, 2 flower plants)

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