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606 Hydro Farms

Grow Your Own Cannabis

If you are a cannabis smoker you might want to consider growing your own weed. Why go through the hassle of dispensary taxes, quality fluctuations with brands, and having the constant stress of running out in the back of your mind? The time to grow is NOW Chicago! As a medical card holder you are allowed to “Cultivating up to five plants for medical use by a registered medical patient is now allowed as of January 1, 2020; rec users who grow up to five plants won’t be charged with a criminal offense but will be fined $200.” – Leafly


606 Hydro Farms is focused on the Hydroponic methods of growing indoors using RDWC and DWC systems. The Chicago Hydro YouTube page follows the latest grow from seed to harvest. If you are interested in seeing how these plants grow week by week click here.

We offer free video consultations for medical patients. In-home installation for those who wish to get started today Click here!

How To Get Started

Before you even buy seeds or start looking through your grinder for bag seeds, make sure you do the appropriate research! This is not a hobby you want to attempt without effort. Sure, if you want to give it a go with a $20 LED do not blame the guide you followed if your plant dies. (Unless they failed to mention light is very important.)

Intro Read

Step 1

Let’s connect and set up an over the phone consultation FREE of charge. This can be an audio or video call (ideally video) to establish your needs and how we can accommodate for your convenience.

Setting goals is key!
Setting Goals


Step 2

After the goals and budget have been established after the first meeting, we can then schedule the second meeting to draft ideas for what build would be suitable for your available space and desired crop to grow.

With each space come new challenges so we make sure to look at all the variables before we start the build on your new setup.

Step 3

Now that we know what we are building and the gear we will be using, one of our skilled professionals can be dispatched to install the setup or we can simply drop it off for self installation.

We will be available for questions if you choose to go the self installation route. Available through text or our Patreon page where others might benefit from the same question.

Note: Your gear is one of the main factors you have control over that will directly impact the overall yield so make sure to spend accordingly.

Now They Grow!

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